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Apples and Oranges

In the fantastical country of Fruitistan, the people are divided – not so different from the world we live in. In this land where people who eat apples and those who eat oranges don't get along, Tulip and Daisy become friends. Their friendship soon turns sour when they discover that one of them is an 'Appler' and the other an 'Orangee'. Can their friendship survive?


Director: Rukshana Tabassum Producer: Syed Sultan Ahmed Script: Rukshana Tabassum Camera: Shreya Gupta Editor: Aramita Ghosh Sound Design: Bigyna Bhushan Dahal Cast: Adria Cardoza, Vrinda N. Duvani

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Original languageEnglisch
Year of production2019
Participants in the competitionNo
Playing time23
Premiere statusInternational Premiere