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Coral Woman

The film team documents their journey with Uma, a certified scuba diver. Together they explore the underwater world, especially the endangered coral reefs in the Gulf of Mannar on the south coast of India. Born to a traditional family in Tamil Nadu, 53-year-old housewife Uma is strongly committed to call attention to this alarming environmental problem with her paintings.   These corals had in fact inspired Uma to learn how to swim and dive at the age of 50, and to take up painting.


Director: Priya Thuvassery   Producer: Rajiv Mehrotra   Executive Producers: Tulika Srivastava, Ridhima Mehra   Script: Priya Thuvassery   Camera: Nitasha Kapahi, Nefertiti Chakrabarti, Arnav Kakkar, Priya Thuvassery   Editor: Reena Mohan, Priya Thuvassery   Location Sound Mixer: Amrith Shankar   Post Production Sound Edit: Avantika Nimbalker   Music: Bindhumalini, Sridhar Varadarajan

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Original languageTamil, Englisch
Year of production2019
Participants in the competitionNo
Playing time52
Premiere statusWorld premiere