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Destiny's Two

Mohan and his wife, a woman of short stature, have come to Mumbai from Gujarat for his work. They are a newly-wed couple. Their marriage is a compromise, as they do not see the spouse of their dreams in each other. Mohan who is fascinated with the tall women he sees decides to go to a red-light area to fulfil his desire. But will he really?


Director: Anuj Bansal   Producer: Anuj Bansal   Script: Anuj Bansal   Director of photography: Daryl Fernandes   Editor: Ganesh Tiwari   Music: Shankar Pathak   Costume Design Neha Thakur   Cast: Shridhar Watsar, Aashiya, Kerona Dseana

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Original languageHindi
Year of production2014
Participants in the competitionNo
Playing time10