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Shutting the world out, even for a few moments is not a privilege all enjoy. The protagonist, Minu, works hard at her job and at her home in a crowded Calcutta slum, she decides she deserves to get a few moments alone, even if it means having to tell a little lie. The film traces a day in Minu’s life and her journey to finding her moment of space and time.


Director: Anisa Mukerjea Ganguli   Producer: Anisa Mukerjea Ganguli, Anirban Sengupta   Script: Anirban Sengupta   Director of photography: Ishaan Ghose   Editor: Niladri Roy   Music: Lima Yanger   Production Design: Shanti   Sound Design: Aneesh Basu   Colourist: Ronit Biswas   Location Sound: Chayan Sen   Cast: Brishti Roy, Ramsakhi Paswan, Sonali Paswan, Mandeep Paswan, Shibu Majumdar  

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English titleThe Door
Original languageBengali, Hindi
Year of production2016
Participants in the competitionNo
Playing time17