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Pareshan Gully Ka Bhagwan Sikandar – The God of Panic Street

Sikandar has just moved to a big city in the hope of finding a better life. His day includes impersonating Hindu gods and entertaining everyone he meets – the migrants living on the railway tracks, the children near the banks of the holy river Ganga, even his wife back home. Little does he know that in volatile new India, religion and art don’t mix well together.


Director: Ishan Sharma Executive Producer: Aryaman Nath Cinematographer: Rishika Baruah Editor: Hemanth Saju Sound Design: Sethu Venugopalan Music Director: Dibyokamal Mitra Cast: Natraj Hasrat Meera, Uma Banerjee, Jitendra Shastri, Avinash Rai, Deep Sarkar, Shyamal Karmakar

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English titleThe God of Panic Street
Original languageHindi
Year of production2018
Participants in the competitionYes
Playing time17