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Sona Dhwandi Bhed Te Suchha Pahad

After a fighter jet has crashed high up in the Himalayas, an old shepherd leaves his flock to find and save the pilot, if possible. However, the jet has crashed in a mountain area considered to be sacred and the shepherd does not dare to advance to the accident site. He fears that it might mean bad luck for his animals if he entered holy ground. The film tells the story with impressive and poetic images and takes audiences to a remote, mystical place.


Director: Ridham Janve Producer: Ridham Janve, Akshay Singh Screenplay: Ridham Janve, Akshay Singh Cinematographer: Saurabh Monga Editor: Kratika Adhikari Sound Design: Bigyna Dahal Music Composer: Jered Sorkin

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English titleThe Gold-Laden Sheep and the Sacred Mountain
Original languageGaddi
Year of production2018
Participants in the competitionYes
Playing time97
Premiere statusGerman premiere