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Paresh is excited to go home for his vacation. He is waiting to be picked up by his father who fails to show up. Hopeless and upset, Paresh returns to his hostel to find a companion in Vinya, who has no plans to go home. The next morning, Paresh’s father arrives, and Paresh prepares to go home. But what will happen to his new friend now? The film explores boyhood and the relationship between the two boys.


Director: Sushant Sawant   Producer: Rakesh Kanekar   Script: Sushant Sawant   Director of photography: Shashikant Kambli   Editor: Sushant Sawant   Music: Dhiresh Kanekar   Sound Design: Ashwini Sharma   Costume Design: Siddhesh Mandavkar   Production Design: Ravikiran Shirvalkar   Cast: Sarang Kesarkar, Aditya Dalvi, Siddhi Sawant  

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Original languageMarathi
Year of production2017
Participants in the competitionNo
Playing time15